Downhill Mountain Bike Racing 12th March 2017

“The Ricochet “ - Downhill Mountain Bike Racing - 12th March 2017

25 Miles From Central London. 

This is your chance to shoot one of the most amazing action packed sports around - Downhill Mountain Bike Racing. 

150 + racers will be taking on the challenge of the "Ricochet ", a tough test of speed, bravery and skill.With Red Kites flying overhead, Wendover Woods lie on the northern ridge of the Chiltern Hills on the Buckinghamshire/Hertfordshire border and is home to the Aston Hill Downhill MTB Track. It is a fantastic setting for what will be some best and most dramatic downhill riding around. 

At an elevation of 260m Aston Hill Bike Park is one of the South-East's premier Mountain biking areas. It offers 5 downhill tracks of varying levels and includes a challenging 4 mile XC Loop and track. It's awesome. 

The racing provides for some excellent action photography and we shall be shooting in the heart of the woods right up close to the riders as they speed past negotiating some of the biggest and nastiest tree roots and turns around.

The day will start with a full photo technical briefing before you hit the downhill action in the woods. Mark will take you through various photo techniques that will enable you to capture some amazing pictures just a few feet from the action. It's just incredible to be so close to action. 

This is a fairly physical workshop as you move up and down the course amongst the trees to find the best angles to shoot from, often from low down amongst the undergrowth to maximise the impression of speed and visual impact. Long trousers, robust walking shoes/boots are a must. 

This is NOT a course that needs long telephoto lenses. Ideally you will have a wide zoom (24-70mm or so) and a 70-200mm as well. This is a course for all abilities. For the more advanced photographers a flashgun is a must as I will be teaching you some stunning flash/blur photo techniques to enhance the feeling of speed in your images - giving them a real wow factor. 

This is a course for photographers of ALL LEVELS, from beginner to advanced. Don't worry, I can get as technical as you like and will gauge everyone abilities quickly. If you're someone that really wants to push your sports photography forward experimenting with new techniques then this is for you, but you can also get great pictures too if you want to keep things simpler. Don't be scared - whatever you photographic level I will take you to the next step.

The course fee is £149 and proved hugely popular in 2016 so please email me at to secure your place.